Sand Quarry 17/3605W

Should the Secretary of State call-in both proposals for a Public Inquiry?

Plans for the Sibelco sand quarry on land at Rudheath Lodge, New Platt Lane were approved April 4th 2018 by Cheshire East’s strategic planning board.  Cheshire West & Chester have also now approved the application on 8th January 2019 (new info from the Environment Agency wasn’t discussed at the meeting but if they change their original ‘no objection’ then it will be referred back to planning).  Cheshire East will meet to review the new documents but it seems doubtful that they are allowed to alter their original vote!

17/03104/MIN Cheshire West and Chester


Cranage Parish Council voted to object to Sibelco’s new application for sand extraction at Rudheath Lodge Farm  17/3605W  off New Platt Lane in Allostock/Cranage on the Goostrey border –  to both Cheshire East and Cheshire West and Chester. Cranage Parish Council 

Local campaigners against the proposal sited between New Platt Lane and Goostrey Lane had been urging residents to write to object to both Cheshire East and Cheshire West as the area crosses both councils.

17/03104/MIN Cheshire West and Chester


Public exhibition held at Goostrey Village Hall on Thursday 23rd March 2016 from 4:30 to 8:30pm.

Sibelco made an application to CEC for silica sand extraction at Rudheath Lodge Farm, Cranage (between Goostrey Lane and New Platt Lane), permission also sought from Cheshire West & Chester – where most of the site lies.

Last day for submitting comments to CEC  was 31st January 2017- Full details can be found on CEC planning page  link:  16/4724W

“The sand extraction itself will take place at up to 300,000 tonnes per annum and last around 12 years – with a further 2 years to complete the restoration of the final sand extraction phases, the processing plant site and the access points.

Method of working

The soil removal to expose the underlying sand, soil screen construction around the edge of the site and sand extraction will progress broadly from the north-east part of the site in a clockwise direction (as shown on drawing number RL06) – together with concurrent progressive restoration. The soil screens will be seeded with grass at the first suitable opportunity following formation. The sand extraction will be carried out by dredging to an average depth of around 4.5 metres. Dredging involves a small electrically powered boat which is placed in a lake created when the underlying groundwater in the sand is exposed by removal of the overlying soil. The dredge will pump the sand from below the water level and move slowly around the site. After establishing the small settling ponds in the early phases, the dredge will be placed in the lake and sand will be pumped via a pipeline to the processing plant site to the north of New Platt Lane. Water from the process plant will be returned to the dredging lake by a second pipeline. The site has been divided into six main phases which will operate for about two years each. The sand extraction will not progress into further phases until required. Soil, hedgerows and trees will remain in place for as long as possible so that only small areas of the site are being developed at any one time. As sand extraction progresses, the site will be progressively restored by replacing soil onto the edge of the future mere or to form future agricultural land.” Non technical summary.

land by NewPlatt and Goostrey Lanes, Cranage

land by NewPlatt and Goostrey Lanes, Cranage

A residents’ objector group can be contacted by email:,

and followed on Twitter at @goostreyfields.

If you ‘follow’ LoveGoostrey [see Follow box on the right] we will keep you posted with updates.

Useful links:

CEC Local Plan PolicySE10 Sustainable provision of minerals

CEC Replacement Minerals Local Plan

CEC interactive map of Minerals

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4 thoughts on “Sand Quarry 17/3605W

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  2. As a concerned resident who is vehemently opposed to this development as it is very close to my new home I noticed that a new Planning Application notice for the quarry has been posted on a pole at the field entrance on New Platt lane opposite the end of Harrison Drive. The notice states the last date for submission of any comments is 25th October 2018. The Cheshire West and Chester website not been updated with this reopened application. Any ideas?

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